I had big plans for this site. I mean, BIG. PLANS. Unfortunately, my body had other plans and I’ve had two major surgeries in a month. So let’s cross off some plans and make new ones. 

  • Landscaping front and back yard before the winter? Not gonna happen. The doctor has put a five pound weight limit on what I can  carry and you’d be surprised how easy it is to go over that amount, especially with a shovel. 
  • Finishing the quilt I’ve been working on for seven years? I’m making slow progress but it feels like it’s taking another seven years. I’m thinking my end of year goal for that was pretty laughable. 
  • Finishing editing/writing the book? I need to. Real life has thrown me such a confidence-crushing curveball that I’ve avoided my laptop. But if I wait for the motivation to get it done, I’m gonna be waiting a long time. The motivation needs to come from me. I still believe in this book and believe it can be published and succeed.  But I need to believe that I can get it there. 
  • Reading? I’m nailing that one. Stuck in bed with ice packs and muscle relaxers doesn’t give many entertainment options, so I’ve been reading like crazy. Time to get more books soon, I think. As soon as I’m allowed to drive again. 
  • History posts – I still want to do these. But I need to set a research schedule. When I did the “Stories of History” Tumblr, my entire day would be going down rabbit holes of research and the only thing I’d accomplish is a semi-funny post about the Alamo. Which was fine then, but now I have a lot more things vying for my time during the day. No rabbit holes for me. 

So please bear with me, and I’ll have some content soon. Best wishes, and check your posture – BELIEVE me, standing up straight is a far better alternative to a double anterior cervical disc fusion.