So you’re an author, huh?

I have written my first literary fiction manuscript, entitled Color Blind. It is currently being edited and will then be submitted to agents in late summer/early fall 2016. I have exactly zero experience in selling and publishing a book. But here’s what I do have:

  • a damn good story, about a woman who learns the hard way that she has mental illness and realizes just because her brain tells her something, it doesn’t mean it is true. She must either learn to struggle with crippling depression and every impact it has on her and her loved ones, or keep believing her own brain’s lies.
  • Family and friends with experience in the publishing industry, who I rely on for their advice and support
  • A complete willingness to share my own experiences with mental illness
  • A smart-ass mouth

Maybe the last one doesn’t seem so valuable, but it’s helped me quite a bit in my life.

I will update the progress of this book’s journey, and my progress on future books and my work in becoming a published author.